Best Essential Oils and Supplements to Promote Healthy Sleep Routines

Essential oils can be important tools for creating a great night's sleep. Young Living has developed some amazing essential oil blends, vitamins and supplements to support healthy sleep patterns.

Lavender Essential Oil is naturally calming and balances your body's energies. Place a drop on your pillow before heading to bed, or drop some in your bathwater late in the evening.

Chamomile Essential Oil is gentle and soothing for babies and adults. Dilute a drop in a teaspoon of vegetable carrier oil like jojoba. Or, add a drop to Young Living's Seedlings Lavender Baby Oil made with pure Sesame oil infused with Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender and Chamomile compliment each other, especially for their relaxing qualities. Babies and adults will enjoy the benefits of adding Chamomile Essential Oils to any of the Seedling's products to calm down in the evening.

Tranquil Roll-on is Young Living's convenient Lavender-Chamomile blend ready to use right from the bottle. 

RutaVala is the YL signature blend for rest and relaxation at the end of the day. It's super calming though! User beware, even smelling this blend will calm you to the point of wanting a nap almost immediately! This is the blend our family takes with us on overseas trips to help regulate our sleep patterns over multiple time zones. Our routine: Set your clock to your destination's time zone as soon as you set off to the airport. At your arriving time-zone's bedtime, apply RutaVala to the base of your neck rotating 3 times in a circle to bring on some sleep. Slip your eye mask on and get as much rest as you can. Continue to use the RutaVala at your destination's regular bedtime to train your body to adjust to the new times. If you can, begin using RutaVala at home during your normal bedtime routine a week or two in advance of your trip so your body begins to associate your bedtime routine with the aroma of RutaVala. 

MegaCal is a Calcium Magnesium supplement that you dissolve in water before drinking. The effervescent formula quickly absorbs into your body and supplies you with calming nutrients that support healthy sleep patterns.

Alkalime is a PH neutralizing effervescent beverage you mix up just before drinking. Alkalime is perfect for softening the effects of eating a rich meal too close before bedtime. Drink up a glass an hour before bed to settle your stomach and free up energy to lull yourself into a peaceful night's rest.

Would you like to add super nutrients to your daily routine in essential oil infused products? Join me in discovering more energy, better sleep, digestion and overall wellness when you add Young Living supplements to your daily routines.

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