Brighten Your Smile with Essential Oils

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Essential Oils to Inspire Creativity

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Safe Essential Oils by Trimester

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to celebrate a new life growing inside of you. It's a season to nurture your mind, body and spirit, a season that will greatly impact the health and well-being of the little person you are carrying. Every choice you make will affect this precious cargo, the foods you eat, the products you put on your skin, and even the air you breathe. This is the season to be vigilant about what you are exposed to. Even airborne chemicals enter your bloodstream and circulate through baby's system. Are you ready to get started with essential oils today?

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Professional Organization released a journal study in December 2015 acknowledging the risks and dangers of exposing your growing baby to environmental and chemical toxins. There are many resources to help educate you on what to avoid, safest foods to eat and how to find the purest home and personal care products., Environmental Working Group, is a non-profit organization that tests many of our consumer goods to help you find the safest options. One of the easiest toxins to replace is synthetic fragrance (found in candles, perfumes, plug-in type deodorizers and spray air fresheners) and also in many personal care lotions and soaps. Are you skeptical? If so, head over and read about one of the EWG studies that found many fragrance chemicals in the cord blood of newborn babies.

Want some label-reading savvy? Look for synthetic components added to personal care products. Molecules like Limonene, Geraniol and Eugenol are naturally occurring antioxidants found in pure essential oils. If they are listed individually on an ingredient list they are most likely a man-made chemical. Also avoid the ingredients "parfum, perfume, or fragrance" which are just a combination of perfume chemicals.

Are you ready for change? Read through this info graph created by Young Living to show Safe Essential Oils to use by Trimester. YL is leading the way into sound, sensible information on using essential oils correctly. I'm also committed to supporting your efforts to be healthy and green. Join our community of Green Living experts for full support in your Aromatherapy journey! Ready to jump in and start saving 24%? Stop over today!

Are you ready to start trading out chemicals now and give your baby the best? It's never too late and never too early to begin! Join me now!

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11 Simple Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is one of the most gentle essential oils if it is free of any fillers or additives. It's super important to use a brand that cold-presses the lemons from organic fruits like Young Living since the essential oil comes from the rind of the fruit. Young Living's "Vitality" essential oils are examples of how the company is committed to constant improvement of their product line to give you the best! The Vitality oils maintain FDA standards of essential oils as a dietary supplement. Keep in mind that food flavorings are NOT therapeutic essential oils, but Young Living Vitality essential oils ARE food flavorings, the best quality you can get. Nothing added or taken away from the natural plant material.

Essential oils are super concentrated, it takes 75 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil! One drop goes a long way. That same 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil is packed with 250-300 drops of essential oil making them very cost-effective - if you figure you only need 1 drop for a glass of flavored water, each 15 ml bottle can make 250-300 bottles of flavored water!  Here are some other fun ways to use your lemon essential oil

1. Lemonade: Yes, you can make Lemonade with a Therapeutic food-grade lemon essential oil. Just add 1 drop of lemon essential oil to a glass, fill with 8 - 10 oz of purified water, sweeten to taste with agave nectar or stevia liquid. Add ice if desired, Enjoy! For a special treat instead of soda, use sparkling water like San Pellegrino.

2. Cold Sore Comfort: Apply a drop undiluted directly on cold sore to keep skin clean. Make sure to avoid sun exposure 12 hours after application to avoid sunburn which would make your sore worse.

3. Immune Support....massage 1-2 drops into lymph glands to cleanse and improve toxin removal.

4. Sticker removal: apply 1-2 drops directly on to stickers to dissolve sticky residue. Test a small surface before doing this, do not use on plastics or woods, which lemon oil will dull or remove finish.

5. Callouses: Massage 1-2 drops onto each foot to soften callouses. Finish with a vegetable oil like coconut.

6. Fruit and Veggie Wash: Add a drop to a bowl of water and submerge produce for a few minutes to cleanse and extend shelf life. Remove produce and set on a clean dish towel to dry. Use your produce immediately or store in cloth produce bags to prolong it's life.

7. Throat Soother : For a dry throat, add 1-2 drops to a spoonful of honey or agave nectar and swallow to coat throat. This is great for singers, speakers or anyone needing a little TLC on the vocal chords!

8. Concentration: Diffuse while working to increase memory recall and reduce frequency of clerical errors

9. Digestive Support: Massage 1-2 drops into belly to support healthy digestion.

10. Healthy Lung Function: Massage 1-2 drops into child's or adult's chest to comfort person with chest congestion and increase expectoration. Lemon essential oil is mucolytic.

11. Concentration: Diffuse lemon essential oil at work or when studying to improve concentration and memory recall. There are many studies on that show lemon essential oil even improving accuracy of workers in an office setting.


Migiwa Komiyaa, Takashi Takeuchib,Etsumori Haradac. Lemon oil vapor causes an anti-stress effect via modulating the 5-HT and DA activities in mice.Behavioural Brain Research. Volume 172, Issue 2, 25 September 2006, Pages 240–249.

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